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By the way, this is a promotional photo,
so that's not Don or Michelle :)

The ceremony was held on a sunny afternoon at the beautiful country estate known as Kentlands Mansion located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Under the shade of nature's canopy and surrounded by loved ones, Don and Michelle were wed by Rev. Brenda S. Grisham.

At 1:00pm, all guests were gathered in the gardens of the mansion. And most were either busily snapping or posing for photos as this was no doubt a prime opportunity to capture everyone at their finest (see Page 1 and Page 2 of the Photos).

Perhaps that is why when the music started to flow through the grounds signaling the beginning of the ceremony, most guests were still consumed with their own doings. (Okay, so we lacked military precision in the planning.) Each member of the wedding party were then set to appear and make their way one-by-one up to the Reverend and the flowered arch in which Don and Michelle were to be wed under.

The first of the wedding party to enter was Don's Groomsman and good friend, Hsing, who was then followed by his Best Man and younger brother, Dixon. (Sadly no photos of their spectacular entrances are available.) Then Don made his triumphant appearance and proceeded down the aisle and took his place alongside his groomsmen to await his lovely bride-to-be (Page 3).

After the Groom and his party were in place, the Flower Girls made their entrance. Two of Michelle's nieces, Lisa and Mary, made the cutest and most perfect duo to handle the honors of paving the path for Michelle and her bridal party (Page 3). The Flower Girls were followed by Michelle's Bridesmaid and good friend, Thy, who was then followed by the Maid of Honor and Michelle's cousin, Karen. (Unfortunately, their elegant entrances were not captured on film either.)

After a dramatic pause, Michelle, led by her father, Yan Qiong, made their way slowly down the aisle. All eyes were focused on the captivating bride and her proud, beaming father (Page 4). Once they reached the arch, Yan Qiong gave his daughter away to be wed to her love. Rev. Grisham conducted an enchanting and heart-warming ceremony. And everyone smiled and "aww"-ed as Don and Michelle declared their wedding vows, exchanged wedding rings and kissed for the first time as husband and wife (Page 5 and Page 6).

Don and Michelle have now embarked on a new chapter in their lives and we all wish them the very best for now and forever.


Now it's time to see what we all looked like as we made our way through the proceedings. The photographs in the following pages comprise the first of two series--the second series, taken by a professional photographer, will be available at a later time. These photos were taken by friends and family, and we would like to thank Michelle's father, Yan Qiong, and brother, Guo Quan, and Don's father, Jackson, for their exceptional efforts.

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