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The reception was held at the New Fortune Chinese Restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland with over 150 friends and family gathered to celebrate with Don and Michelle. Interspersed through the six-course meal was a toast by moi, games featuring the new couple, a lot of posing for the camera, and simply a whole lot of fun.

Speaking of those games, we had fun torturing the new couple for our amusement. We tested Don's ability to... um, locate Michelle's cherries amongst her oranges. His mastery of it awed all those who witnessed it which I'm sure thrilled Michelle's parents. And for Michelle, her knowledge of Chinese cuisine was put to the test. She had to, shall we say, make a type of egg roll that didn't require any ingredient other than making its way safely along two limbs of her new husband. Although she had a tough time at first, her egg roll eventually emerged unscathed and intact.

The final game tested each of their abilities to recognize their partner's kiss. Both Don and Michelle received pecks on the cheek by eager impersonators. Even with a few close calls, they were not easily fooled as they triumphantly identified that familiar kiss.

The evening was, of course, prime picture-taking time for everyone. So let's take another look at all of us.

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