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After introducing myself and thanking all those who attended and celebrated with Don & Michelle on their special day, I broke into the following...

"Donald, all the years growing up you beat me senseless, you tortured me and made fun of me and I swore one day I would get revenge. Well I now pass the torch to Michelle for she will get you back in ways I never can. Here's to my new sister-in-law.

As life goes on, one tends to wonder whether there is that special someone out there somewhere. That one person that fulfills your every earthly desire, that one individual that brightens your life and makes it whole. And then one day, that someday does arrive and you do meet that certain someone. And you realize that your life is indeed brighter and a little more fun.

You're not searching anymore. You've found what you've been wanting and now you're delighted to simply have what you have. So, for all the time there is still to live. May you live as long as you want, and not want for as long as you live. [Raises glass] Here's to the new couple." Cheers! Congratulations!



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