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I love high end audio and home theater as much as I love computers. The ultimate goal for any system is the accurate reproduction of picture and sound. Or rather, to obtain as much accuracy as possible given the budget. Because let's face it, this can be one incredibly expensive hobby.

I've been watching more and more movies on my computers and have neglected my home theater in recent years causing it to fall out of date because of a lack of upgrades. But things are starting to change with the upgrade to a Samsung LN46A550 46" 1080p LCD HDTV.

The other components remain the same, i.e. older technology from a decade ago. Neither the Denon AVR-1602 receiver or Sony DVP-S360 DVD player support HDMI connections or the latest lossless audio codecs, but I still try to extract the best performance I can. On the video side, the DVD player is connected directly to the new TV via component (MIT AVT 3), and on the audio side, it's connected to the receiver via digital coax (Monster Cable).

The next upgrades should be a Blu-ray player and then a new receiver.


Onkyo TX-SR806 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver (Black)
Samsung BD-P2500 Blu-ray Disc Player
Panasonic DMP-BD35 Blu-ray Disc Player
Sony Playstation 3 80GB
Shure E4c-n Sound Isolating Earphones (Black)
Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote
Samsung LN46A550 46" 1080p LCD HDTV



  Home Theater
Television Samsung LN46A550 46" 1080p LCD HDTV
DVD Player Sony DVP-S360 DVD Player
VCR Mitsubishi HSU778 S-VHS VCR
Receiver Denon AVR-1602 Dolby Pro Logic II A/V Receiver
Loudspeakers - L/R Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble III Sub/Sat Speaker System
Loudspeakers - C Cambridge SoundWorks Center Channel II
Loudspeakers - S Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble IV Home Theater Speaker System (Only the Surround speakers are used)
Subwoofer Cambridge SoundWorks BassCube 10S Powered Subwoofer
Speaker Stands Cambridge SoundWorks OmniMount Swivel Brackets, Black
Interconnects Monster Cable
Speaker Cables Monster Cable
Video Cables Monster Cable M1000SV Silver S-Video Cable
Power Monster Cable Surge Protector
  Bedroom System
Television Syntax Groups Olevia LT27HV 27" 720p LCD HDTV
Game Console Microsoft Xbox 360
Speakers ZVOX Mini Single-Cabinet Audio System Model 215, Black Finish
  More Gear
Portable Audio Player Apple iPod Photo 60GB, M9830LL/A
Clock Radio iHome iH5 iPod Stereo Clock Radio, White
Headphone Amplifier HeadRoom Total BitHead Portable Headphone Amplifier
Headphones Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator Earphones
Headphones Bose Around-Ear Headphones, Silver
Headphones Grado SR60 Headphones
Headphones Sennheiser PMX100 Supra-aural Headphones
Headphones Sennheiser PX-200 Collapsible High Performance Closed Headphones
Headphones Sennheiser RS-65 Wireless Headphones
  Other Gear
During the home renovation I dismantled my main audio system 
and now have all this gear that is currently going unused
Preamplifier Audio Alchemy Digital Line Controller (DLC) Remote-controlled Line-level Preamp  (Outboard power supply; Inputs: 4 pairs; Outputs: 2 pairs)
Amplifier Audio Alchemy OM-150 150Wpc Solid-state Stereo Power Amplifier  (Class-A/AB output stage; External power supply)
DVD Player Gateway ADC-320 Connected DVD Player (With Gateway WGM-240 802.11g Wireless PC Card or Linksys PCM100 EtherFast 10/100 Integrated PC Card)
CD Player Adcom GCD-700 5-Disc Carousel CD Player  (Dual 20-bit linear Burr-Brown DACs)
Tuner Cambridge Audio T500 AM/FM Tuner  (Double Superheterodyne Tuner)
Antenna Godar FM-1A FM Antenna
Antenna Magnum/Dynalab ST-2 FM Antenna
Loudspeakers Acoustic Research AR 303
3-way sealed-box loudspeaker
3/4" soft-dome tweeter
1.5" soft-dome midrange with metal-mesh protective cover
12" acoustic suspension, paper-cone woofer
Frequency response: 32Hz-20kHz +/-3dB
Crossover: 650Hz, 5.5kHz
Sensitivity: 85dB/2.83V/m
Nominal impedance: 6.5 ohms
Dimensions: 25"H x 15"W x 11"D
Weight: 54 lbs
Finish: Black high-pressure laminate
Speaker Stands Standesign BB75 16-inch Metal Speaker Stands
Interconnects Kimber Kable PBJ
Kimber Kable Tonik
Speaker Cables Kimber Kable 8TC
Video Cables MIT AVT 3 Component Video Cable
Monster Cable
Power API Power Pack II Power-line Conditioner  (2 digital and 4 analog outlets)
Furniture Roomtunes Junior Justarack 36-5 5-Shelf Equipment Rack