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When I look back at things I wrote and drew as a child, I realize I had an inclination to be a writer from an early age. But something happened in those intervening years that left me lost for what I truly wanted to do. Only recently have I developed a story that motivated me enough to actually sit down and write. I'm currently obsessed with work on a novel, Three Dashes from the Left. New information and progress updates will be posted here when they're available. So, if you find yourself interested after reading the teaser, check back here for the latest news.

Nothing has ever so encompassed my life before as the telling of this story. It is always in the back of my mind, constantly developing and maturing with every moment and event that I experience. Combining observations of the world and the people who reside in it with my own dissection and slant on life provides an everlasting source of new ideas and inspiration. I am continually analyzing, adapting and imagining life's large events and its agonizing minutiae, and weaving it into a cohesive whole for the characters to live out.

To conceptualize the lives of fictional characters and to flesh out their personality quirks, pulchritudinous uniqueness and individual charm is akin to spawning a new family. The characters have become individuals. They exist in a little world I've created for them. This story fills in portions of their history and shines a light on their present existence. Their reality may be limited, but their lives are not.

This story is certainly not appropriate for everyone. My goal for achieving a work of disturbing fiction is becoming true. As it deals with some less-than-pleasant issues, it should offend some and intrigue others. Placing boundaries on it to determine what is and is not appropriate would be foolish. I hope you will recognize and appreciate that there was no other way to tell it.

Onto the teaser for Three Dashes from the Left.

Feb-2004: Updated Tera. She is.... Looking back at the first version, I realized how tacky and amateurish it looked. I re-did the whole piece and freshened it up a lot. It's much more polished and in line with my original vision.

Oct-2004: Not much to update, other than I'm still plugging along. The more time I have to work on the story, the more complex it becomes. I love that. Every element gains additional layers and substance. There seems to be actual growth. Hopefully the more complexity the story gains, the more interesting it becomes. A simple concept has actually blossomed into a tale.