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SAM seeks SWF to experience life.




Computer geek. Sports fan. Horror movie junkie. Music lover. TV nut. Pop culture freak. Pulchritude admirer.

Timid in groups. Lively in one-on-one.

Thinks too much. Writes too little.

Finds it hard to live in the present. Looks forward to a brighter future.




I learned early in life how difficult it is to talk about oneself in front of a large group. Add in the faceless anonymity of the Internet and it becomes an even tougher task. Instead of putting into words a concise, packaged tale about myself, I encourage you to take your time and look around this site.

If there is one thing I can tell you, it is that I am passionate in what I do. I enjoy immensely the ability to use whatever creativity I have to express myself and to proffer a little information along the way. That's the basis for some of the web sites I've created.

Inspiration = Motivation. This is very true for me. If I am inspired and come up with a good idea, I can develop it and carry out the task to fruition with aplomb. However if I am less than inspired, the process can lag excruciatingly long. Of course, there are those times when a good idea is difficult to realize because of limitations in my own abilities. Accordingly, I sometimes feel I am been better at generating ideas than carrying them out. Remember: Brainstorming is a valuable commodity.

Another thing I can tell you is that... writing is fun. It exercises my brain and tests my abilities. But what writing really does is to allow me to communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings to others. It's amazing how powerful the written word can be. Strip away the visual aspect of a human being delivering a dialogue and you're left with analyzing just the words. And that is one of the goals of my novel. Having an interesting story idea and the means to relay it makes for the beginnings of a compelling read. I hope I possess those qualities and end up with such a result.

Thanks for visiting,