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June update rollup


I haven't posted in a while because I made the major decision to leave my job. I gave my notice and will be leaving next month. The sixth month has been hectic and crazy and I haven't had much time or stuff to report.

What have I done for fun in the past couple of weeks? Well, I watched two favorite films again: Office Space and Brokedown Palace.

I don't need to write a review of the classic Office Space. Just buy it, watch it and laugh.

Brokedown Palace is a modern-day Midnight Express starring Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale and Bill Pullman. Danes and  Beckinsale play two naive American teens  vacationing in Thailand who are arrested for drug smuggling, and Pullman plays their defense lawyer.

This is the first movie that brought the gorgeous Beckinsale to my attention. She is so young & beautiful in this film, I ended up feeling an extra something for the plight of the two girls. It's a good drama with good performances.



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