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Tidy up those cables & accessorize those boxes


I want to organize all the computer and A/V cables that dangle behind my desk. I also want to reclaim some desktop real estate by moving some items under the desk but above the floor. Here's my little shopping spree at


  • Vantec Lapcool 4 Notebook Cooler with Hub, Card Reader
  • CPU Holder, Desk Clamp Mount, Cs-12
  • Desktop Cord Mgr W/ 10 Outlet Surge, White
  • Power Strip Liberator Ext, 5 Pack
  • Super Mini Keyboard, Black, USB
  • I-sight, Mini Task Light On Your Ear
  • Purse Lock Twist Tie, 3/4in, 50 Pack
  • Purse Lock Twist Tie, 1/2in, 50 Pack
  • Cable-safe, Desk Clamp Add-on
  • Cable-safe, Cable Track Add-on
  • Cable-safe, Cable Hook Add-on
  • 1.75in Head Width X 10in Industrial One Wrap, 25pk
  • CD And DVD Opener
  • Cyberguys Sport Lanyard
  • Black Mini Keyboard, PS2
  • Cat5e Enhanced Patch Cable, W/ Boot 1ft, Black
  • Cat5e Enhanced Patch Cable, W/ Boot 7ft, Gray
  • Cat5e Enhanced Patch Cable, W/ Boot 7ft, Red
  • Cat5e Enhanced Patch Cable, W/ Boot 14ft, Blue
  • Cat5e Enhanced Patch Cable, W/ Boot 14ft, Yellow



Brother HL-5250DN


Brother HL-5250DN

I need a new laser printer and for the past few months, I've been closely watching the price of the Brother HL-5250DN Network Ready Laser Printer with Duplex.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the price was as high as $244. But now on Cyber Monday, lowered the price to $179.99. Guess I'll treat myself to a little present.



Movie purchase


It's Texas Chainsaw Massacre day as the special edition DVDs came out for the first two original films.



Music purchase


During another visit to Maryland, I dropped by a local chain called Record & Tape Traders and picked up a bunch of used CDs.









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