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Groovin' to Flower Power


I've watched the infomercial for the Flower Power: Music of the Love Generation box set hosted by Peter Fonda and Sheli Sanders numerous times late at night. I love the classic hits from the 60's & 70's and this box set contains 10 CDs (with a total of 175 songs) worth of ear candy.

I've been pining away for this collection for months. Well, I finally ordered it today and got a fantastic deal. sells it direct for $149.95, but you can get it at Amazon (via one of its sellers, Sound and Vision Planet) for only $96.98. I applied $75 worth of reward certificates and knocked the price down to only $25!



Krista Allen wallpaper


My latest wall features a close-up shot of the incomparable Krista Allen. I like this one a lot as the purity, simplicity and starkness really brings out her beauty.


Krista Closeup by ~nolody on deviant



Beautiful Blue


I first learned of singer-songwriter Holly McNarland thru the Lilith Fair music festival. I've listened to her album, Stuff, countless times and it's become one of my all-time favorites. But it remains the only album I have of hers as I've never gotten around to locating the rest of her discography.

You may have noticed (but mostly likely not) that I've been updating all the pics on the individual lyrics pages of my favorite songs. I've rummaged through the depths of YouTube looking for music videos to create the collages. In doing so, I found the music video for Holly's "Beautiful Blue." This song is a revelation and as the title suggests, it is indeed beautiful. I heard she'd gone to a softer sound and this song is evidence of that, but it doesn't matter that it lacks the hard edge of Stuff. Take a listen and immerse yourself in Holly's brilliance.


And here's a 2003 live performance! I love how Holly places her hand over abdomen as if she's straining during the louder passages.


If you want to save these files, go to their respective YouTube pages and copy the URLs, then paste them into KeepVid and save them as High Quality mp4's.









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