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  The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)


Serious celibate finally interested.

Review: The 40 Year Old Virgin is an adult comedy filled with raunchy toilet humor, filthy jokes, and a slew of sexy women. Steve Carell plays Andy, a 40-year-old, super-geeky electronics service tech who has never done the deed. After his co-workers learn this fact, getting him laid becomes a priority.

Andy has had chances to have sex, but something always got in the way or the situation somehow went awry. Now with help from his newfound buddies, Andy is thrust into the modern dating world. Even though he's older, it doesn't come any easier for Andy because he's still awkward and inexperienced when dealing with the opposite sex.

Carrell does a great job playing a lovable geek. His buddies and co-workers are a hoot with their fiery arguments and obscenity-laced tirades. There's physical humor, witty banter, nerdy jokes and plenty of eye candy...

With the search for the right woman and a renewed awareness of sex comes a bevy of beauties into Andy's life.

Leslie Mann plays a drunk party girl that takes Andy on a wild ride.

Andy's interest is piqued by fit & fortysomething, Catherine Keener.

But it's Elizabeth Banks that holds the title as the babe of the film. She plays a bookstore clerk that becomes enamored with Andy when he experiments with a confident, domineering personality. Elizabeth's tight outfits, adorable smile and kinky inclinations turn her into a vixen.

Other notables include a short scene with busty blonde, Kate Luyben, who may be recognized by fans of Chris Carter's work as she's had guest appearances on The X Files, Millennium and Harsh Realm.

A flashback to Andy's teen years stars a topless brunette with large flapjacks and a beautiful face that looks like a cross between Brooke Shields and Natalie Portman.

Kimberly Page—wife of pro wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page—experiences a wardrobe malfunction at a speed dating event. Another enticing speed dater was played by Gillian Vigman, who resembles Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy).

Marika Dominczyk plays a hot new hire. Marika is the younger sister of Dagmara Dominczyk, who is quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world.

I remember Nancy Walls from SNL as a tall, thin actress. But after having two children (with husband, Steve Carell), her chest has blown up to impressive proportions.

Porn star Stormy enlivens a dream sequence with a seductive yet disturbing talk. I noticed Stormy's breast implants are not symmetrical; her right breast is lower and the nipple is higher up compared to her left breast. Oh well, she's still sexy in that over-the-top porn star way.

Finally, here's a bonus screencap of additional skin.


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DVD version viewed: The 40 Year Old Virgin (Unrated Widescreen Edition) (Universal, UPC 025192870620)