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  Highway (2002)


Ride with Stoners, Prostitute.

Review: Several years ago, I came across Highway on Cinemax. I tuned in in the middle of the movie and watched just a few minutes because I cannot watch only part of a movie that I've never seen before. I watched enough to see Selma Blair was in it and I jotted down the name planning on eventually seeing this indie flick in its entirety. In March, I was perusing the bargain bin at Best Buy and found the DVD for $6. Score!

Highway stars Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal as best friends living on the poor side of the tracks in Las Vegas. Leto is caught in bed with the wife of a local crime boss and the pair go on the run from the boss's thugs.

Kimberly Kates

We're taken along for the ride as they venture across the country and meet up with quirky characters such as a mega-stoner played by John C. McGinley, and a half boy/half alligator sideshow freak. The boys pick up the alluring Blair along the way and the wild duo becomes a more interesting trio. Highway is a worthy indie take on the road trip movie.

Babe Alert: The surprise star is the boss's wife played by Kimberley Kates. She is onscreen for only a brief period at the beginning of the movie, but clad in a yellow, skin-tight, see-thru outfit, Jilly steals the show.


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DVD version viewed: Highway (Warner Home Video, UPC 794043547720)