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  Wolf Creek (2005)


Outback psycho terrorizes tourists.

Review: Three friends go on a road trip to visit a national park in the Australian Outback. When their car breaks down, they are helped by a local man who ends up terrorizing the trio.

The film starts off with a fun & warm feel as the three friends get ready for their trip. They enjoy some sun at the beach and celebrate their send-off by partying at a night club. For the most part, the loose atmosphere continues as the friends venture to Wolf Creek Crater.

Things get interesting when their beat-up station wagon refuses to start and they're forced to huddle inside it and wait for help. Aid arrives in the form of a friendly, quirky local in a jalopy of his own. He turns out to be quite the character, but he also seems nice enough and appears to know his way around an engine.

He offers to take the friends and their disabled transport to his home to finish the repairs. They agree and the horror begins. Soon, the friends find themselves tied up, bruised and in a hell of a lot of trouble. They run & fight for their lives and the man does, well, pretty much what we wants.

Movies about road trips gone bad and crazed serial killers on the hunt are nothing new, but Wolf Creek delivers the goods in a satisfying way. Writer & director, Greg McLean, pulls off the admirable task of creating a compelling film with a miniscule $1M budget.

Regardless of budget, the production values are high with first-rate camerawork, lighting, set design, special effects and editing. This is simply a very good psychological thriller with action, gore and a surprise or two. The relatively unknown actors (Cassandra Magrath, Kestie Morassi and Nathan Phillips, as the three pals, and veteran Aussie actor, John Jarratt, as the deranged killer) add to the believability of the onscreen events.

Finally, the DVD contains an informative making of documentary.


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DVD version viewed: Wolf Creek (Unrated Widescreen Edition) (Dimension, UPC 796019789080)