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Film Review: Highway (2002)


Highway (2002)

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Boblbee Mentor backpack


Boblbee Mentor

I've been using a new backpack for a few days and just had to share. It's a Boblbee Mentor Expandable Backpack in Silver Fish Grey Flake color.

What sets the Mentor apart from the pack is that it has a hard shell front made of ABS plastic. The hard shell prevents the contents from being crushed and makes the Mentor well suited to protect a notebook computer.

Boblbee Datacom organizer

The contoured hard shell also gives the backpack a sleek, slender and futuristic look that garners quite a bit of attention from others.

But as great as the exterior is, the interior is basically three large empty compartments (one is reserved for a notebook). I don't want to throw my accessories into a compartment where they'll be jostled around and possibly suffer damage. So I also picked up a Datacom organizer that has small pockets to store small gear like a mouse, surge protector, cables, etc.

All in all, the Mentor is a great backpack. It holds a lot of gear and it's very comfortable when it's fully strapped on. I don't feel bogged down by the weight as its shape and hard shell keep the contents higher up on my back instead of sagging down to my ass.

Pricy, but highly recommended.



Real wallpaper


Today I started on the dirty part of the renovation project. I removed the old wood paneling from the walls and found at least two layers of wallpaper underneath. The top layer was a thick vinyl wallpaper. The vinyl portion peeled right off leaving the brown adhesive paper below. I'm going to have to rent a steam machine to remove the rest of the wallpaper.









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