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Deals, coupons and bargains


Computer & Electronics Deals

I shop online all the time and come across a lot of deals and bargains. I decided to put a page together that collects all these deals so everyone could take advantage of them. At launch, the site is starting off small with five featured stores. More will be added as the site grows.

If you click on an item that interests you and make a purchase, I'll get a percentage of the sale to help maintain the Nolody Studios family of sites. You save money, I make a little money and everyone is happy :)

Presenting for the first time is the new Computer & Electronics Deals page.



HOWTO download & save YouTube videos


After finding the little treasure trove, I wanted to save the videos because the RIAA will probably crack down on YouTube sooner or later. Here's a fairly simple way to save and view the Flash videos offered at YouTube.

  1. Copy the YouTube URL: e.g.
  2. Go to KeepVid and paste it into the box. Click DOWNLOAD to generate a link and save the file.
  3. Rename the file and give it an extension of ".flv" (Flash Video).
  4. Download & install the free FLV Player and enjoy your YouTube videos.



The Sundays and the Beauty of YouTube



I finally explored YouTube today and performed a search for "The Sundays." Lo and behold, their music videos are there(!)... I was speechless. I've listened to these songs dozens, if not hundreds, of times and have never seen many of these videos. I was in heaven today.

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Static & Silence



Film Review: Wolf Creek (2005)


Wolf Creek (2005)

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